Juanita Beaudry

Purpose of Study
Many children experience difficulties with impulsivity and motor activity, which interfere with their ability to focus, self-regulate, and achieve goals. We are seeking children, ages 6 to 13 years with a diagnosis of ADHD, and children who do not have ADHD or any other known neurological or learning difficulties. Our study will provide a better understanding of impulsivity and motor activity in children to help inform the challenges faced by children with ADHD and to provide more effective services/treatments. This study has been approved by the University of Victoria Human Ethics Committee and is being conducted through the Psychology Department at the University of Victoria.

Who Can Participate?
We are looking for children and adolescents who:
1. have been diagnosed with ADHD
2. are between the ages of 6 and 13 years
3. live in the greater Victoria, BC area

What is involved?

  1. An initial phone interview with our research team to determine eligibility and discuss what is involved with participation.
  2. Bringing your child to our lab at the University of Victoria for approximately 2.5 hours to complete a series of paper-pencil and computerized cognitive tasks.
  3. Completing a brief interview and rating forms regarding your child’s behaviour (approximately 1 hour in total).
  4. Parents and children will each be compensated $10 for their participation and children will be entered into a draw for an iPad mini. Parking costs will also be compensated.
  5. Children taking medication will be asked to refrain from doing so a minimum of 48 hours prior to participation. Interested participants who are unfamiliar with medication washout are encouraged to consult their physicians (GP or paediatrician).
  6. Optionally: you may involve their child’s teacher, who will complete the same rating forms as you.

Location of Study
University of Victoria
Child Development Lab
Department of Psychology
Cornett Building

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