CBoC Neurodiversity Study

Juanita Beaudry

Purpose of the research: On behalf of the Future Skills Centre, the Conference Board of Canada is conducting a new research study to explore current best practices and strategies for strengthening workplace engagement amongst neurodiverse Canadians. In particular, we are looking to gain more in-depth insights into the perspectives, experiences, and needs of neurodiverse Canadian workers and their employers. This project aims to combat stigma and bias against neurodiverse Canadians while also providing recommendations for how best to retain and support neurodiverse talent.

Who can participate:

1) Canadian workers, volunteers, apprentices, and job-seekers who are between the ages of 18 and 64 and identify as neurodiverse.

2) Employers with, and without, experience managing neurodiverse individuals.

What is involved: There are three ways that you can participate to help us better understand the experiences and needs of neurodiverse Canadian workers and their employers: 1) Online survey (10-15 minutes); 2) one-one-one virtual interview (30-60 minutes over Microsoft teams); 3) Asynchronous virtual focus group (60 minutes).

Location of Study: virtual

How can I join the study? To find out more information about the study and to access the survey please click here: https://www.conferenceboard.ca/focus-areas/inclusion/the-competitive-advantage-of-neurodiversity-in-the-workplace/. To participate in an interview or focus group, please reach out to Jane Hutchison, Research Associate at the Conference Board of Canada (contact information below).

Contact information: For more information about the study, or to sign up for an interview or focus group, please contact Jane Hutchison (hutchison@conferenceboard.ca; or 613.526.3090 ext. 112)

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