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We are pleased to review your listing contribution to assist Canadians on their ADHD journey.

Help CADDAC foster a resource network committed to nationwide awareness, education and advocacy for all Canadians with ADHD, as well as caregivers, partners, extended family, educators, and medical professionals.

The resource listing form has undergone an update to better serve our population! Should you have questions, please reach out to with the subject line: Resource Map help.

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The information in the Point of Contact section will not be published in CADDAC's Resource Map listing.

We'll keep this contact on file to connect with you for professional opportunities including listing updates, calls for content and trainings, etc.

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Tell CADDAC how we can connect with you and boost awareness, advocacy, and education to folks with ADHD and the greater Canadian public.

3/3 Your Listing: About Your Organization and Services

Not all of this information is published in the current version of CADDAC's resource map, however, we also receive requests for information across a number of social and business channels.

Thank you for your submission. We will review and contact you!

We'll also provide you with CADDAC's 'Stronger Together' Resource Map badge with URL to display on your website and socials. The 'Stronger Together' CADDAC badge provides a visual cue to the public that you're part of our growing resource library, and that we really are stronger together. Let's raise awareness, educate the public and those impacted by ADHD, and advocate for a more inclusive Canada!


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