Volunteer Guest Blogger

The ADHD journey is never meant to be travelled alone. It is much more fun and encouraging when we have others on this journey with us. Whether it’s sharing of your personal experience or professional insight, these content is most welcomed by our audience.

We are hoping to enrich our offering of blog content on our blog site with different voices in our community. We are seeking volunteer guest bloggers from across the country and also from different walks of life and professions to contribute to this. If you are interested in contributing, please review the following guidelines.

Content needs to be:

  • between 600-1,000 words
  • positive and encouraging to the ADHD community
  • use appropriate and respectful language
  • Original content not posted elsewhere
  • not promoting your business but can reference to your profession or your work if it is relevant to the article
  • not promoting, endorsing or selling certain products
  • attribute quotations or data where appropriate

Note: – if you have photos to accompany your blog, please make sure you have permission to use/share the photos – likewise, if you are sharing stories about another person, please make sure you have permission to share If you are interested in contributing to our blog, please complete the form here. A staff will contact you regarding next steps. Thank you for your interest!

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