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Learning and ADHD While ADHD is not a learning disability it can significantly impact a student’s ability to learn and impair academic achi

ADHD in the Workplace

Watch Video This presentation will review potential strengths and impairments ADHD symptoms could cause in the workplace, how to assess these and if a

Parenting and Behavioural Strategies, ADHD in the Home ADHD is not due to lazy parenting! In fact, parenting children with ADHD requires far more time and energy

Impact of ADHD on the Child, Parents, Siblings and the Family as a Whole Parents whose child has been diagnosed with ADHD commonly transition through emotional stages while working their way to

ADHD Treatment Myths and hype regarding ADHD treatment and management often lead to confusion. This presentation will help clarify what

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and Collaborative Productive Solutions

Watch Video Symptoms of Opposition Defiant Disorder (ODD) are commonly seen in children with ADHD. What is ODD? Is it a real disorder and how can we r

Transitioning from Childhood ADHD Into Adolescent ADHD: What Parents Need to Know

Watch Video When children enter adolescence additional parenting challenges are expected. However, when children have ADHD their symptoms and impairme

ADHD in Early Childhood (Two Parts)

Watch Video (Part One) Watch Video (Part Two) ADHD in early childhood (under six years of age) is under-recognized and undertreated. This is of consid

Emotion Regulation and ADHD: Webinar for Children 8-10 yrs

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often have difficulty managing their emotions. This webinar will help children between t

Mission Impossible? Remote Learning for Children with ADHD

Watch Video We hear you; remote learning is not what you signed up for. It’s challenging for everyone who hasn't done it before and let's face it; sup

Tips for Understanding the ADHD Mind and Navigating an Adult ADHD Relationship When You Don't Have ADHD

Watch Video SESSION DESCRIPTION Are you in a relationship with someone with ADHD and having difficulty understanding how and why the same issues keep

My Child Has Just Been Diagnosed with ADHD - Now What?

Watch Video The doctor or psychologist has just informed you that your child or adolescent has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. You m

Females, Hormones and ADHD - Webinar

Watch Video This webinar will discuss how ADHD presents in females along with common comorbidities. It will review the literature on hormones and ADHD

ADHD and Older Adults - Webinar

ADHD and Older Adults - Webinar by Dr. Kathleen Nadeau Although ADHD is the most hig

Webinar: How to Declutter When You Have ADHD

  Watch Vidoe SESSION DESCRIPTION Have you made a New Year’s resolution to finally organize your home space in 2021?  Perhaps, you tried in

Webinar: ADHD and Sleep

Title: ADHD and Sleep Speaker: Dr. Margaret Weiss Abstract - ADHD is a 24-hour disorder.  Nighttime diffic

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Upcoming Parenting Courses

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