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Become an Advocate for CADDAC

For advocacy of ADHD to be effective, the voices of those impacted by the disorder need to be heard. Myths and misinformation have been prominent in the media and in the community at large for too many years, despite abundant medical information backed by research. The misunderstanding and stigma surrounding ADHD continues to impact families affected by ADHD, causing stress, confusion, under diagnosis and under treatment. This continuing stigma has resulted in most families remaining quiet about the significant impact of ADHD on their lives.

When their constituents remain silent on the issues surrounding ADHD, politicians and decision makers see no need to make any changes or even consider the impact of ADHD. When they are informed about existing needs though advocacy work they are uninterested because they think their constituents are uninterested. If you have an interest in ADHD, CADDAC and other Canadian ADHD support organizations need your help! Advocacy efforts cannot succeed unless the voices of those like you are heard – we need all those with an interest in ADHD: parents, grandparents, adults with ADHD, extended family members, educators and medical professionals to do at least one thing to add their voice to the effort. 

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2022 Ontario Election Toolkit

Help make ADHD an election issue on June 2!
Let’s ensure that political party platforms include individuals and families living with ADHD to improve access to assessment, diagnosis, and comprehensive treatment as well as educational and workplace accommodations.

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Ontario 2022 Election Toolkit Videos
Advocacy Toolkit

For more information about how you can help advocate, please access our comprehensive Advocacy Toolkit for more information

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Writing a Letter

Writing a letter to your MP, MPP, MLA or MNA, Minister or editor of a local newspaper expressing your interest in ADHD, your concerns, and your requests is hugely helpful in ADHD advocacy efforts. When meeting with government representatives we are frequently told that they do not hear from their constituents on this topic and are therefore not overly interested in becoming involved.


ADHD Speaks

ADHD Speaks

ADHD Speaks is a long-term awareness campaign encouraging people to speak out about their ADHD by sending in a video, audio, written or visual piece sharing their experiences with ADHD.

Launched in 2018, the campaign aims to bring general awareness of ADHD to the public, medical professionals, government officials, educators, those suffering from ADHD and their families. The campaign aims to increase awareness and understanding of the impact ADHD has on those living with the condition, their families, and society as a whole.

Make an ADHD Submission

CADDAC is asking people of all ages, including kids, to join the discussion and share their experiences, by text, audio or video. Tell us ONE thing you wish people knew about ADHD (yes pick just one) and submit it to us or share it on social media and tag us!

Make a Submission

Make a Pride ADHD Submission

Celebrate Pride with us! Are you someone living with ADHD who identifies as part of the LGBTQ2S+ community? We would love to hear your story & perspective!

Make a Pride Submission

Check Out What People Have Said

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ADHD Feature Story Podcast

Written Stories

The Know-It-All Who Didn’t Know by Sandra

When I first got diagnosed with ADHD just over two years ago, my therapist told to me about something she and her colleagues dubbed “The Three-Year Reckoning.” They gave it this name after noticing it happen time and time again in their practice; thing...

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The Grief of ADHD by Lisa

I always grew up feeling like I never quite belonged no matter who I was with or what activities I was doing. I could be in a crowded room and would often still feel completely alone. Sometimes I felt I struggled to truly connect with people. I often w...

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Navigating ADHD & Unleashing My Potential by Senka

From the tender age of 7, I felt like an outsider in every facet of life - at home, with friends, in school, and even at work. Through my formative years and into young adulthood, I grappled with a general sense of not belonging, struggling beneath the...

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The Mental Health Risks of Downplaying ADHD by Denise

I’m writing this from a combination of both professional and personal experience. I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, my partner also has ADHD, and together we have two young children who have also been recently diagnosed with ADHD. I’m a registered...

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Discovering me after diagnosis at 36 by Danielle

As early as I can remember I never really felt like I fit in, like I was somehow different from my peers.I never understood why things seemed to come easily to others, but never to me. From time management and emotional regulation, to my messy room, I...

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Too many tabs... by Kimberly

When I was a child, I was often referred to as a daydreamer. I would often zone out or stare off into space. No one was concerned however, because I was always a strong student and did well with minimal effort. As I got older and things required studyi...

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Volunteer for CADDAC - Current Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with CADDAC. There are no volunteer opportunities at this time, however if you would like to be notified when volunteer roles become available, please sign up at the button below

Become a Volunteer for CADDAC
ADHD Speaks

Impact Stories

Your gift help support awareness about ADHD to the public and for individuals and families who are impacted, providing education, and hosting courses/support groups to those individuals with ADHD who are struggling. The Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada is grateful for your support. Here is some of the impact stories of individuals and/or their families that have been affected by ADHD


Meet Sheena, a remarkable individual who's graciously sharing her personal story about living with ADHD. Her journey is filled with courage, resilience, and inspiration. You can listen to her full story and gain valuable insights by clicking her photo.
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