Barb Easter

Purpose of Research
The purpose of this study is to explore how adults with formal ADHD diagnoses make sense of their ADHD and use this diagnosis to make sense of themselves. I chose to look into this because research into psychiatric diagnoses often focuses on cures and biological causes, without considering how diagnoses come to be understood, managed, and interpreted by those affected.

Who Can Participate?
I’m looking to find participants who are over 18 and have a formal diagnosis of ADHD.

What is involved?
I’m asking participants to complete a brief (up to 10 minutes) online survey. I will ask a smaller group to complete an interview with me.
For anyone interested in being interviewed, there is space in the survey below to leave an email address, from which I’ll contact you about a potential interview via Skype. There is a full information sheet on the first page of the survey.

Location of Study: Online

How Can I Join This Study?
The survey link is here

Contact Information
Principal Researcher: Charlie Brown,
Supervisor: Dr. Florence Enock,

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