Shelly-Ann McMorris

Purpose of Research
The purpose of this qualitative study will be to explore the perceived impact of family Taekwondo on the functioning of the family and child with ADHD, who are participating in martial arts programs at Taekwondo schools in Ontario.

Who Can Participate? Children with ADD or ADHD who are participating in Taekwondo with their parents at a school or Dojang in Ontario.

What is Involved? Participation would involve 3 sessions. Session one will involve a discussion of the risks and benefits of the study. The second session will be with the parent(s) and child and will be approximately 45 to 60 minutes long. This session will be in person. The second session could be in person or by phone and will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to review the findings from the interview for accuracy.

Location of Study: The study can take place at any Taekwondo Program in southern Ontario

How Can I Join This Study? To join the study contact Christopher Savard

Contact Information: Christopher Savard (905) 520-4118 or by email

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