Juanita Beaudry

This research study will aim to observe and investigate the perceptions of young people with ADHD and their view on the disorder. This will provide a better understanding of how a child with ADHD perceives themselves and also looks at how they perceive others. This research study will also focus on the experiences and perceptions felt by their parents, teachers, and support staff, etc.  This is important to look at the participation of the child’s voice. This research study has been approved and will be supervised by Dr. Colette Soan, SEBD lecturer & tutor at the University of Birmingham, England.

Who Can Participate?
Children and young people between the age of 7-25, who know they have ADHD and have been diagnosed with it.

What is involved?
An initial email will be sent to the willing participants, addressing their interest to partake in the study. If the young person and parent are willing to participate in this research, a consent letter and ethical forms will be provided to them. Parents and young children will get an opportunity to take part in an unstructured/structured interview.

Location of Study
Initial meeting- phone and/or in person.
This can also be completed online and over the phone. Anywhere- preferably a school, Centre for ADHD, or a library

How Can I Join This Study?
If you would like to participate or know anyone who might be interested in this research study, please email Bridgette at: bxp519@student.bham.ac.uk Contact Information
Bridgette Pereira- Tel: 416-931-8099, Email: bxp519@student.bham.ac.uk

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