Week Two of ADHD Awareness Month – The Message Continues

CADDAC National Director

Week two of ADHD Awareness Month continued with more media interviews, events and awareness building, all made possible due to the efforts of ADHD groups across the country.
On October the 9th the province of Nova Scotia officially proclaimed October as ADHD Awareness Month. This was made possible thanks to three years of relentless effort by Keith Gelhorn and the ADHD Nova Scotia Action Group. View Here
On October the 13th Heidi Bernhardt was interviewed on CHEX TV, Peterborough Ontario. The topics ranged from why we no longer use the term ADD, typical symptoms, who we miss diagnosing, symptoms in the elementary and post-secondary setting and CADDAC’s new paper on ADHD in the Post-secondary setting. View the interview Here
Also brought to you by the ADHD Nova Scotia Action Group, on October the 14th from 5 to 8pm, at the Nova Scotia Community College, the Nova Scotia ADHD Awareness Expo occurred with 30-35 vendors including psychology offices, a pharmacy, Sleep experts, multiple non-profits, tutoring services, mental health services, professional organizers, and nutritionists.
On October the 14th the city of Edmonton lit their high level bridge green and purple to celebrate ADHD Awareness Week. This was organized by the ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton. More information Here
Heidi Bernhardt was interviewed by Daniele Smith on QR77 in Calgary at 3:30 on October the 15th. Listen to the interview Here . The date and time of the interview was October 15th, 2015 at around 13:45.
During the weekend of October 16th to the 19th ADHD medical professionals will be meeting in Vancouver for the 11th annual CADDRA conference. The three days include a research day highlighting and networking our Canadian researchers, and two days of conference presentations covering the latest in world-wide ADHD research and clinical practice up-dates. The CADDAC post-secondary paper will be distributed to attendees and covered in one of the presentations.

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