Up-dates on CADDAC’s Advocacy Efforts

CADDAC National Director

CADDAC would like to better inform the ADHD community about our on-going advocacy work across Canada so we will be keeping you up-dated on meetings and communication with government representatives and decision makers. We also hope that those of you interested in improving outcomes for those with ADHD will become inspired to contact your elected official. Only when we share your concerns as constituents about the lack of government awareness and commitment to families and individuals impacted by ADHD will change occur.  If you are interested in learning more on how to approach your elected official, please access Become Involved or contact  

Communication with Ontario’s Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

 On May the 14th CADDAC wrote to Minister McLeod, the past Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, after the Ministry requested feedback from families of children with disabilities. On August the 12th, CADDAC received a letter of response from Todd Smith, the new Minister of MCCSS.  

In summary,

  • The letter thanked us for taking the time to share our concerns;
  • shared that the Minister was proud to lead a ministry that is improving the lives of Ontario's vulnerable children and youth, and advocate on behalf of young people in this province;
  • stated that the Ministries of Children, Community and Social Services, Health and Long-Term Care and Education are committed to transforming special needs services and are actively exploring ways to improve service experiences and quality, as well as outcomes for children and youth with special needs and their families;
  • stated that as the ministries move forward with this work, they would be pleased to consider opportunities to discuss specific issues with organizations like CADDAC.

View the letter in its entirety HERE

CADDAC felt that this reply letter opened up an opportunity for continued dialogue with the MCCSS as well as the other ministries listed above. The letter below was sent to Minister Smith on August the 15th.

Dear Minister Smith,

Thank you for your reply to my e-mail expressing our concerns about the lack of recognition of ADHD in the Ministries of Child and Youth, Education, and Health and Long Term Care. CADDAC would very much like to meet with each of these Ministries, preferably jointly if possible as arranged through your Ministry, or individually if necessary, to discuss the lack of focus on ADHD as the most common childhood neurodevelopmental and mental health disorder in Canada. Unfortunately at this time the three Ministries overseeing the improvement of the lives of these at risk and vulnerable children do not actively recognize ADHD as the significant educational and health risk that it is.

CADDAC and the Ontario ADHD families that we support would very much like to meet with you to discuss a working committee which would include representation from the three above mentioned ministries, CADDAC and medical and educational experts in the field to address these issues. Or, we would like representation on committees already developed looking at resources for children with neurodevelopmental/mental health disorders.        


Heidi Bernhardt, President CADDAC    

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