Strattera Co-Pay Assist Card

CADDAC National Director

You may have noticed that in the recent past CADDAC has expressed concerns regarding the generic substitution of ADHD medications that may not offer identical coverage. There is now an additional generic product out that is being substituted for Strattera. If you have experienced difficulties with this medication you may be interested in the fact that a new program has been introduced by Eli Lilly Canada that now enables individuals with ADHD who have been prescribed Strattera to access a Lilly Patient Choice RxHelp(tm) Card that allows them to remain on brand-name product at no additional cost.

The card covers the price difference between Strattera(r) and the available generic versions. This difference will be paid to the pharmacy, on the patient's behalf, by Lilly.

The program is easy to use and available at most pharmacies. If the pharmacy that you are currently using refuses to except the card you may wish to go to another pharmacy, as this is the individual choice of the store owner.

You will simply need to present the card when having the prescription for Strattera filled and let the pharmacist know that you wish to have it filled with the brand name product. Remember to retain the card for future use.

The program is available to those who are newly prescribed Strattera, as well as those who have been taking the medication for some time.

Lilly Patient Choice RxHelp(tm) Cards can be obtained by:

* Calling RxHelp at 1-866-794-3574
* Ordering through
* Or, ordering through

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