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ADHD Feature Story of the Month: Bronwyn Alsop

CADDAC's ADHD Feature Story of the Month is a (mostly) unscripted interview between CADDAC staff and a member of our ADHD community. Available in multiple formats and free to redistribute, the ADHD FSotM series highlights the lived experiences of adults with ADHD to promote greater public awareness, education, and advocacy. To learn more or to […]

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ADHD in Early Childhood

ADHD in Early Childhood Often, school is the first time parents and caregivers suspect that their child may have ADHD - but how can you be sure when young children are just learning how to manage the classroom experience? While many traits such as inattention, distractibility, being fidgety, tantrums and oppositional behaviour are common for […]

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2022 ADHD Conference Registration Open!

CADDAC's 14th Annual ADHD Conference is virtual once again in 2022. Register now to join us for an amazing speaker lineup October 22 & 23, 2022

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CADDAC's 14th Annual ADHD Conference

CADDAC's 14th Annual ADHD Conference October 22 | DAY 1 starts 8am PT | 11am ET | 12pm AT   October 23 | DAY 2 starts 8am PT | 11pm ET | 12pm AT   The entire conference will be virtual via Zoom. Sessions will be recorded and made available after the conference closes. CADDAC's ADHD Conference […]

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2022 ADHD Conference
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ADHD and Co-occurring Conditions

National/Virtual: Honorarium available! Over the next few months, CADDAC is planning both Advocacy and Awareness initiatives and we are looking for youth and adults willing to share their stories. Are you: A young person or adult ADHD plus at least one co-occurring condition (depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorder, substance use disorder, addiction, etc) A person […]

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ADHD affects every aspect of my life

"The collateral damage caused by ADHD knows no bounds. When I was diagnosed at 38, I began to understand the effect ADHD had on every aspect of my life: professional, personal, financial, etc. I wasn't just the guy who couldn't focus or sit still. I was deeply wounded. There was nothing it did not touch!" […]

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ADHD Clinic at SHN Shoniker Clinic

The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Clinic provides short-term consultative services for children up to 17 years of age who are experiencing problems related to ADHD. Our team of mental health care therapists and a psychiatrist provides assessment, treatment, and community programming for children, families and helping professionals. A doctor’s referral is necessary to receive […]

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How ADHD Rolls

ADHD coach and consultant helping individuals with ADHD overcome barriers. Supporting individuals as well as their families and/or caregivers. When we meet, I help them understand how and ADHD brain works. Then, we work together and design solutions for the problems they face at school, work and at home.

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ADHD Coaching and Consulting Victoria

Professional ADHD Coach and a registered social worker providing services for children, adults and families challenged with ADHD.  I also have an interest in working with neurodiverse populations such as those with autism.  I am available for coaching, case management and in-service education.  My services can be claimed on insurance if services of an RSW […]

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