How to Have Your Voice Heard Through ADHD Speaks without Outing Your Child or Yourself

CADDAC National Director

We get it! Sharing a video of yourself talking about ADHD on ADHD Speaks is scary!

Many parents who talk to us at length, sharing their frustrations and heartaches, are afraid to speak out about ADHD in public.  They have let us know that while they would love to share their stories online they are concerned about their child who just wants to stay under the radar. This is totally understandable. Kids with ADHD get centered out far too often and not for their successes – most often just because they have ADHD. So who would want to make their child the poster child for ADHD.

We have a solution!

  • Send us an audio tape using only your first name, an anonymous name or handle.
  • Audio tape your child or adolescent sharing their feelings about ADHD using another name, or their first name only.
  • Send us your written story with no identifiers, or just ask us to remove your name.
  • Send us a picture of a poster or video of a series of posters that you/your family, or your child, have created with a message about ADHD.
  • Record your video from the neck down, the back of your head, the wall – whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Be as creative as you like! We want your stories anyway you want to share them!

The long term goal is that eventually everyone will feel comfortable talking about ADHD, but as parents and grandparents of kids with ADHD and adults with ADHD we understand that speaking up about ADHD is scary.

"ADHD Speaks" is a marathon and not a sprint. CADDAC understands that it will take time to make this happen and we want to let you know that we are in this for the long haul.

CADDAC is committed to changing the understanding and perception of ADHD.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey in any way that makes you feel comfortable!


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