Finding The Huron

Wendy Communications Coordinator

Written by Andre Brisson and shared by CADDAC in honour of National Poetry Month. Do you have a poem about your experience with ADHD? Submit it here and we’ll feature it this month!

The noise is loud!
I shut the door
The noise forces thru
No respect, no care
I must escape
Or explode and lose
The noise is unbearable

Escape I did! But to where?
Will have to go back
Why is it that way?
Why am I that way?
I must be wrong, I am wrong!
I am a wrong person
The noise is chasing me

I can’t see where I am going
My disgrace is blinding me
I stumble into the forest
The birds welcome me
The animals watch out for me
The trees shield my view
But I can still discern the noise

The further I walk; I can see a little more
Yet I do not know where I am going
I know I am going the right way
Slowly in the distance, what is it?
Soft rumbling and rolling followed with swishes
I continue to walk, towards the calming sounds
I am starting to not hear the noise

My feet sink into sand, I see stones littered about
I am on her shore, her waves are talking
Immediate disappearance of the noise, I am OK
I am not wrong, I am me, I am a right person
The Huron, drew me to her
The Huron helped me find me
The noise is gone…..for now.

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