Company with Adult ADHD

Wendy Communications Coordinator

My answer to your question; What I would like people to know about adult

I can’t sit and just “visit” for long periods of time. Give me a game with a
small group of people and I can focus better if you all aren’t talking! I
need quiet to concentrate. I can’t hear just you in a whole room full of
people talking! I hear conversation everywhere and I can’t focus on just you.

Get me out of there!

I don’t like to hear chitchat that says little and wastes my time. It’s hard
enough getting done what I need to get done.

Sometimes I get over-focused in a small irrelevant thought or idea. It takes
me awhile to realize it. Instead of rejecting my idea, just remind me what we
were working on and if my plans have changed.

Enough for now…..

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