CADDAC 4th Annual ADHD Conference: Oct 11-14, 2012

CADDAC National Director

CADDAC is excited to announce our fourth annual conference, which will be bigger and better than ever. We are continuing to focus on a particular audience each day, however, we expect many participants to be interested in attending more than one day, or even all four days.

Our featured speaker this year is Dr. Kathleen Nadeau, a leader and innovator in treating those with ADHD across the lifespan. Dr. Nadeau is an internationally recognized author, having published over 10 books on ADHD and related topics, as well as a speaker and clinician working with individuals with ADHD. She is best known for her focus on helping those with ADHD achieve their potential through practical, focused, results-oriented treatment.

Dr. Nadeau’s latest passion is ADHD parent friendly coaching, which will be the focus of the parent geared presentation on Thursday evening October the 11th. The presentation will focus on how to build a strong, positive relationship with your child, modeling and teaching emotional regulation, problem solving, effective and realistic parenting approaches and how to create an ADHD friendly home and family.

Friday October the 12th will be a day focusing on ADHD and Learning. This day will be of particular interest to educators in all three streams of education; elementary, high school and post-secondary. Two renowned experts who travel the world presenting on this topic, Dr. Rosemary Tannock and Dr. Peter Chaban, will be presenting on the impact of ADHD on learning. Dr. Nadeau will be joining them to cover the ongoing needs of structure and support that will benefit all students, but especially those with ADHD; it will focus on helping students to develop those all-important executive functioning skills, and will generally focus on creating an ADHD-friendly classroom environment.

Dr. Nadeau’s second presentation will cover girls with ADHD in the classroom. This presentation will focus on how girls present differently than most boys; how easily girls are overlooked and underestimated; the factors that lead to late identification of girls in the classroom; the social challenges of girls with ADHD in the classroom setting; and how to find ways to support them in developing confidence and competence in the classroom setting. Three separate afternoon workshops will target specific educational attendees, covering effective strategies for elementary, high school and postsecondary students with ADHD.

Saturday October the 13th will focus on Dr. Nadeau’s longtime particular area of interest, the study of girls and women with ADHD. Despite the great need, this area of practice is seldom a focus in the world of ADHD. Therefore, we decided to spend an entire day, Saturday October the 13th, focusing on this subject. Dr. Nadeau will be addressing the topic of growing up as a girl with ADHD. This presentation will move through each developmental stage from early childhood through adolescence, discussing the signs to look for to identify girls at each stage as well as ways that parents and professionals can help girls avoid the significant risks of growing up with untreated ADHD and develop confidence and competence at school and with peers.

Dr. Nadeau will also be presenting on women with ADHD. This workshop will address the state of overwhelm that women with ADHD experience and address ways that they can begin to create balance, reduce stress and better manage the daily challenges of living as a woman with ADHD. It will focus on women’s ADHD issues including the influence of hormonal fluctuations; the particular stresses of parenting as a mother with ADHD; and the social role expectations that make ADHD particularly challenging for women.

Our first Saturday afternoon speaker, Dr. Lance Levy, will be addressing the role of ADHD in creating and maintaining obesity and binge eating. This presentation is about how ADHD remains, a leading contributing factor to the development of obesity, to the worsening of obesity, and to obesity being impossible to manage until ADHD, and those conditions very often found with it, Sleep disorder, Mood disorders, and Binge eating disorder are adequately treated. Diagnosis and treatment methods will be reviewed in detail. Our closing presentation will be an entertaining and insightful presentation by Terry Matlen, author of “Survival Tips for Women with ADHD”.

Our last day, Sunday October the 14th will focus on ADHD in adults. Kathleen Nadeau, who authored several books on this subject, two being “ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life”, and “ADD in the Workplace: Choices, Changes and Challenges” will be presenting on how to meet the challenges of adult ADHD. This workshop will focus on how to manage ADHD as an adult. It will address daily life management issues, including sleep patterns; introduce healthy daily habits that will promote optimal brain functioning; and introduce the concept of choosing or creating ADHD-friendly home environments, social environments and work environments.

Dr. Nadeau’s second presentation will focus on and ADHD in the workplace. This presentation will focus on how ADHD typically affects workplace performance and how to find ADHD-friendly jobs and career paths. It will address helping young adults as they select a career path; mid-career adults as they struggle to manage ADHD challenges at work; and will also address the issue of mid-career changes in response to ADHD challenges.

Melissa Orlov, author of “Effect of ADHD on Marriage”, and marriage consultant, will be presenting in the afternoon on ADHD and Relationships. She will present on how Adult ADHD symptoms encourage very specific and predictable patterns in relationships that are perpetuated both by the symptoms themselves and also by the other spouse’s response to those symptoms. This session will cover some of the most important patterns of the “ADHD Effect” and provides specific, usable information about what you need to do to start strengthening your relationship today.

Dr. David Teplin, who received raving reviews last year, will be our final speaker of the day. Dr. Teplin will be addressing the overlap between ADHD and various forms of Addictions (e.g., Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Sex, Overspending, Food, Internet), as well as the various contributing factors that lend itself to ADHD being a risk factor for developing such forms of addiction.

Our exciting new venue this year will be the Holiday Inn at 7095 Woodbine Ave. (at Steeles Ave E.).
Free parking will be available.
For those looking to stay overnight, newly renovated rooms will be available for single or double occupancy at the rate of $99, when you mention the CADDAC conference. You may book via this link that includes the promotion code: CADDAC or book directly through the hotel at 905-474-0444,
Limited availability so book now to ensure a reservation.

Follow this link to our Events page to register now & take advantage of Early Bird Pricing!

There you will also find  Event flyers. Please feel free to post the flyers at work and share with your friends, family and colleagues.
Hope to see you there!

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