#ADHDSpeaks Holiday Edition

Wendy Communications Coordinator

#ADHDSpeaks helps us to elevate the voices and experiences of people from ADHD communities. This month, we're asking you holiday themed questions about getting through one of the busiest times of the year!

Here were your responses.

How do you prepare for the holidays as an adult with ADHD
or how do you prepare your kids with ADHD?

My son does better when we host family get togethers, that way he can escape to his room when he gets overwhelmed. He does not do well at other people’s houses for big events. I make sure all his basic needs are met and tell him what to expect next. He’s eleven and needs to know when we are eating, what we are eating and everything else in between. When he’s over stimulated he has the option to look on my phone or tablet quietly in a separate room. This took me a long time to realize, which resulted in leaving weddings early, leaving in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner, and having to cancel plans. Now I know he needs space and a schedule of events.

Kelly, Facebook

It’s hard. I get very overwhelmed visiting family especially since most of them don’t know how to handle someone with adhd. On top of adhd I also have severe anxiety so the holidays get real tough for me. Music works as a good outlet for me but I always forget my headphones. So I try to limit my time within big groups. I’ll leave the room, go outside something to ground myself.

Helen, Facebook

EVERTHING is overwhelming. I’m the mum, so I make the magic of Christmas happen. ⭐️     
But every year, I find it hard. Planning gifts, planning food, clothes, cards, making sure everyone has what they need (including pets). My ADHD makes All planning a Big Challenge. Thx to Excel & post it, and LOTS of coffee, I manage (I do the best I can)... but my kids know, sometimes I find hidden gift, all the way until Easter!! 

Cynthia, Facebook

Balancing the more active, and social activities with quieter, more restful ones.

nicolemariassh, Instagram

Planned ahead for Black Friday with a list and a budget! I now have almost all of my Christmas shopping done and I know how much I’ve spent. Most importantly, it gave me time to find quality gifts for friends and family that have meaning to them. I didn’t just spend money because I had to. 

attention.dd, Instagram

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