ADHD in Education Awareness/Advocacy Campaign

CADDAC National Director

2017/2018 ADHD in Education Awareness/Advocacy Campaign

To better advocate for students with ADHD we need to hear from you!

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This October, during ADHD Awareness Month, CADDAC is launching our “ADHD in Education Awareness/Advocacy Campaign” to draw greater attention to the inequities students with ADHD face when accessing education across Canada.

Over the years CADDAC has spent a great deal of time with parents across Canada discussing their frustrations and concerns about this issue.  Many parents complain that educators lack an understanding of ADHD, that many school systems and ministries of education do not recognize ADHD as a significant impairment to learning and that their children are not receiving equitable access to education.  At the same time we have also heard stories about the positive difference a teacher or principal can make in a child’s life when they truly understand the impact ADHD has on a child’s learning and behaviour.

This campaign will include:

  • Gathering and sharing stories anonymously from parents of students with ADHD recounting their experiences with education systems across Canada
  • The release of a policy paper highlighting current issues across the country
  • A media release highlighting inequities in access to education for students with ADHD
  • An audio recording of students speaking about their experiences
  • A parent/caregiver survey to help CADDAC quantify and qualify parent and student experiences with education systems across Canada
  • Additional media releases summarizing the survey’s results and highlights of the survey and stories
  • Additional initiatives TBD

In the past, advocacy efforts have been hampered by parents being too intimidated to publicly speak out about their concerns. This is due to the continued stigma around ADHD, the unwarranted negative feedback parents receive, the fear of possible retaliation from schools and boards should they voice their frustrations and negative attention their child may experience.

Since CADDAC fully understands these concerns we have developed two ways for to allow your voices to be heard anonymously.

  1. A National Education Survey
  2. Sharing of your Experiences through e-mail

We would greatly appreciate your participation in the survey above!

It should only take 10 to 20 minutes of your time.

And, if you feel comfortable, please also share your views and past experiences with education systems around ADHD. Please send your stories to either in the body of the e-mail or as an attachment.

If you are interested in becoming involved in advocacy efforts nationally or in your province please contact

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