ADHD Webinar: Build Your Thrive Space

Do you find it hard to maintain focus at work? Then this webinar is for you!

Krysta Longridge, MScOT and Katie Eichar, MOT, will teach you how to tailor your workspace in a way that allows you to operate at your best. The occupational therapists will also delve into various strategies to help enhance your productivity.

Join to learn how to create YOUR most effective, supportive and sustainable Thrive Space!

Webinar Content:

• How the ADHD brain impacts work/school
• How to tailor your work/study space
• Strategies to improve productivity
• Bonus handout: ergonomic workstation

Everyone has unique workplace preferences and needs, including those with an ADHD brain. You might work best with a good soundtrack or with no sound at all. You might like a calm workspace with no distractions, or enjoy a fast-paced environment full of people and action. Do you need an accountability friend or are you a solo operator? Learn how the workspace around you can help or hinder, and how to build YOUR most effective space to work and thrive.


Krysta is an occupational therapist and the founder of Mindful Mountains and Arbutus Academy. She specializes in ADHD, mental health and chronic pain. Krysta’s desire is to empower individuals to excel through an improved understanding of their brain, nervous system and abilities.

Katie is an occupational therapist living and working in BC. She specializes in mental health and substance use and enjoys connecting with clients to understand their unique circumstance and perspective, in order to best support them in their health journey. She values the opportunity to work with individuals to reach their goals and take part in meaningful activities.

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