Parent Readiness Education Program

CADDAC’s Parent Readiness Education Program, is a comprehensive 10-part series of filmed online presentations. Each presentation is approximately 1.25 hours in length and presented by Heidi Bernhardt. Please refer to the program outline below for the topics that will be covered. With the purchase of this program you will receive access to ten links, one for each presentation. Please note that these are for personal viewing only. If you wish to use them for a group presentation please contact CADDAC.

Program Outline: 

Session 1 ADHD Overview

Session 2: ADHD and Learning

Session 3: ADHD and Self-Regulation

Session 4: ADHD and Emotional Dysregulation

Session 5: The Treatment of ADHD

Session 6: ADHD and the family

Session 7: ADHD Parenting and Behavior Intervention

Session 8: ODD and CPS

Session 9: School Observations, Classroom Strategies and Accommodations

Session 10: School Advocacy

The sessions will play continuously or you can watch them directly on YouTube to see one video at a time - click "watch on YouTube" in the lower right corner of the video

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