Happy Birthday!

Is your birthday coming up and you would like to setup a fundraiser on Facebook to fundraise for CADDAC? Thank you for supporting us with an online fundraiser and celebrating your birthday with us!


Online fundraising on Facebook is easy. With a few steps, you can setup your fundraiser and share with your friends. Not to mention that 100% of the donation comes to CADDAC. There is no hidden fee to you, your friends and to CADDAC.


Click here to create your fundraiser now or follow these easy steps below to setup your fundraiser.

  • In your Facebook home page, click on Fundraiser on the left panel.
  • Click on “Select Charity” and type in “Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada”
  • On the left panel, fill out details on fundraising goal, currency, ending date, fundraiser title and reason for your fundraiser. Lastly, choose a photo you want to use for your fundraiser.
  • click on “Create” at the end and you’re ready to share this with your friends!
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