Juanita Beaudry

Written by 19-year-old Jordyn and shared by CADDAC in honour of National Poetry Month. Do you have a poem about your experience with ADHD? Submit it here and we’ll feature it this month!

i feel like alice in wonderland,
toyed like a mouse by the cheshire cat.
chasing a white rabbit with no care for time,
check your pocket watch,
better check it twice.
the mad hatter cackling with crazy eyes,
don't drink his tea,
you have no idea what's inside.
endlessly shuffling a deck of cards,
maybe the mad hatter isn't as crazy as you originally thought.
tweedledee and tweedledum are always telling stories,
but who tells theirs?
poor brothers alone,
but really,
who cares?
queen of hearts must be the evil stepmother,
this is a fairytale after all.
her soldiers are cards,
always played with but never wanted.
don't look into their eyes or listen to their words or you'll be trapped in this world,
trapped in this madness,
"we're all mad here"

welcome to wonderland.

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