Who is comedian and CADDAC speaker Rick Green?

CADDAC National Director

I first met Rick when he contacted me in my role at CADDRA at the very beginning of his journey on producing his first documentary, ADD & Loving It?! Which, by the way, has earned Rick the Centre For Addiction & Mental Health Foundation Celebrity Transforming Lives Award, and a New York Festivals award for Best Medical Documentary. Realizing that the documentary would have thousands of undiagnosed adults recognizing themselves and seeking help, Rick then created the web site. If you have not yet accessed this great resource you are missing out. This web site is loaded with videos and great information from top experts and presented in a funny, lively, fascinating format. Rick’s second film, ADD & Mastering It! promises to transform how people deal with the subtle saboteur that is ADHD is quirky, funny, fascinating, and full of strategies that work.

Rick’s story is equally quirky and fascinating. Named by the University of Waterloo as one of their top 50 science graduates of all time, Rick began his career as a teacher at the Ontario Science Centre. He left in 1979 to become a full-time comedian. Since then, Rick has written and performed in hundreds of television programs, radio shows, and stage productions and has given numerous presentations and workshops on ADHD. He has received Gemini Awards, ACTRA Awards, New York Festival Awards, and educational awards.  Rick was recently named to The Order of Ontario, the province's highest official honour. Fans have sent thousands of emails thanking him for presenting ADHD in a way that’s easily understood and humorous. An achievement he’s most proud of.

This year Rick will be presenting his touching, inspirational and funny one man show “My Award-Winning, Coast-To-Coast, Internationally Acclaimed Mental Disorder” that he developed and presented at the “Cracking-Up the Capital Comedy Festival” in Ottawa, to help CADDAC find raise for our work in ADHD Awareness, Education and Advocacy. With laughter Rick will explain the power and peril of the ADHD mindset. The message is profound but simple: "I used to suffer from ADHD. Now, I just have it."

Don’t miss this Night of Laughter and Inspiration! Early bird Tickets can be ordered for the low price of $24.95, or come as a group and order a table for 8 for the reduced price of $185.

Join Rick in supporting CADDAC!

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