Week Three and Four of ADHD Awareness Month – Events and Interviews Continue

CADDAC National Director

Week three and four of ADHD Awareness Month continued with an additional media interview, a piece in the Huffington Post and several community events.

Heidi was again interviewed about ADHD but this time the focus of the interview was on ADHD Myths and Truths. On October the 22nd at 11:30 am Winnipeg time Heidi Bernhardt spoke with Geoff Currier of CJOB. To listen access On Demand Fill in the audio date as October the 22nd and the time as 11am. You will need to listen to the first half hour before the interview comes up.

On October the 23rd Heidi travelled to Kingston and on the 24th presented three presentations, ADHD and Learning, ADHD and Emotional Regulation and ADHD and School Advocacy to an audience of parents. The interaction and enthusiasm of this audience which continued throughout the 5 hour session was much appreciated. We would like to thank the Kingston Parent ADHD Support group for organizing and hosting this event. The yellow VW beetle covered with ADHD Awareness messages sitting on the front lawn of the venue was an added bonus!

On October the 27th the Huffington Post published this article by Patricia Tomasi titled “ADHD Stigma Is So Prevalent Parents are Delaying Diagnosis”. The article features interviews with Heidi Bernhardt, Dr. Doron Almagor and several parents discussing the continued misunderstandings and stigma around ADHD.

Through the assistance of CADDRA another community event occurred on October the 28th in the Dr. Bruce Johnson Conference room at the Shoniker Clinic in Scarborough Ontario. There were two sessions, 10 to 10:30 and 1 to 1:30. The sessions tilted, Dispelling the Myths and Misinformation About ADHD were for the general public and medical professionals who wanted to learn more about ADHD..

Again this year Durham Ontario is hosting an ADHD Community Expo. This year the expo will be occurring on November the 4th at 6pm at Sir John A Macdonald Public School, 777 Balaton Avenue, Pickering Ontario. The guest presenter will be Dr. Larry Danilewitz a Durham District School Board psychologist. Community resource booths and a parent panel will also take place. To register and for more information contact

As ADHD Awareness Month comes to a close it is important to remember that misinformation, misunderstandings and stigma around ADHD continues to exist. Awareness about ADHD needs to continue through the entire year if we hope to make lasting changes in how ADHD is perceived and how those with the disorder are understood and treated. Keep up the effort!

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