For Children

There are many things you can do to help with your ADHD and there are many things that your mom and dad and your teacher can help you with. The first thing everyone needs to do is exactly what you are doing right now. That is learning about ADHD and how ADHD impacts you. When your parents and family as well as your teachers also know about ADHD it will be easier for them to understand you and how they can help you.

Talking to your parents, teachers and your doctors about how you feel is a good thing. They need to know when you get frustrated and what helps you to calm down. They also need to know what causes you to have difficulty following instructions, remembering to do things, getting your work done at home and school, and getting along with other kids. Some kids with ADHD also find it difficult to think things through before they say or do things that get them in trouble. If this is what happens with you, talk to your parents and doctor about this. There may be some things that can help you with this.


Information on ADHD for Children

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 Information on ADHD for Children

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 Reading List for Children with ADHD

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