ADHD in the Workplace

Many adults with ADHD perform their jobs extremely well and find that some of their ADHD traits: high energy, problem solving, creativity, and being able to hyper-focus, are significant benefits in their chosen career.  However, for other adults with ADHD at least some of their ADHD symptoms will cause difficulties in the workplace.

If you are experiencing difficulties at work do not immediately assume that your current job is the wrong job for you.  While thought needs to be put into selecting a job tailored to your strengths rather than your weaknesses all jobs include boring mundane tasks, some of the time. Adults with ADHD may impulsively decide that a chosen career is not for them and jump to another career without reviewing all options. Sometimes finding a particular niche within a career can allow you to succeed.  Being passionate about aspects for your career can often be the key to keeping yourself engaged and working on improving your current job success.

ADHD is a very treatable disorder. A variety or both medication and non-medication treatments for those with adult ADHD now exist. Receiving a proper assessment and using multimodal treatments may be extremely helpful with: increasing focus and attention, decreasing distractibility, impulsivity and hyperactivity, and assisting with emotional regulation and organization. However, there is no magic cure or solution for those experiencing difficulties in the workplace. Taking time to assess your situation, implementing strategies, and asking for accommodations when appropriate may also be a part of becoming successful in your chosen career.


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