Getting Started

Information on Child and Adolescent ADHD for Care Givers

ADHD is a complex disorder that impairs children and adolescents in several areas of functioning. It is so much more than inattention. ADHD impacts learning; increases impulsivity and hyperactivity; impairs behaviour and emotional regulation; coexists with executive functioning impairment and is often complicated by other mental health disorders and learning disabilities.


CADDAC has chosen a selection of our documents that we suggest parents and care givers use to begin their journey of self-education about ADHD. ADHD treatment should always include several modes of treatment, but the very first form of treatment should always be education on ADHD for the parents (care givers) and the child, adolescent and adult with ADHD. (Information for children geared to their level of understanding and information for adolescents can be found in the Understanding ADHD Child and Adolescent and For Adolescents sections.)


Once you have read these documents please don’t stop there. Our web site includes a wealth of information geared to parents on coping strategies, parenting tips, ADHD and learning and school advocacy and resources. You can also access past filmed conference presentations on our YouTube account, access past webinars, link to our Facebook page, read our online blog and find information on current education sessions such as webinars, workshops and our annual conference.


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Letter to Caregivers – A letter from CADDAC introducing ourselves and letting you know how we can help your family deal with the challenges caused by ADHD. READ MORE

ADHD Facts /Dispelling the Myths – A brief list of information on ADHD, the prevalence of ADHD, medical facts on ADHD, and consequences of not treating ADHD READ MORE

Attention Deficit Disorder – What ADHD is, what causes ADHD, the difference between ADHD and ADD and the role of executive functioning disorder READ MORE

Assessment and Diagnosis –What is involved in a through ADHD Assessment, who can assess and diagnose ADHD, and what criteria needs to be met for a diagnosis of ADHD READ MORE

ADHD Symptoms – Symptoms of ADHD divided into difficulty with attention regulation, hyperactivity, impulsivity and what ADHD can look like in a classroom setting READ MORE

Treatment of ADHD in Children – Modes of treatment for ADHD in children; educating parents and children on ADHD; school accommodations; parenting strategies; family therapy and supports; tutoring; healthy lifestyle choices such as, physical exercise, a balanced diet, and good sleep habits; mindfulness; medication and alternative remedies READ MORE

Executive functioning Disorder – More detailed information on EF disorder; what executive functions are; how they impact children with ADHD and their learning; working memory; and appropriate accommodations READ MORE