Getting Started

Information on Adult ADHD

ADHD can substantially impact almost all aspects of an adult’s life: work, home, relationships, finances and mental and physical health.  Although generalized symptoms help us to diagnose the disorder, exactly how these symptoms impact the individual depends on many factors: type, severity, other personality traits, other coexisting disorders and learned healthy or unhealthy strategies.


CADDAC has chosen a selection of our documents that we suggest adults use to begin their journey of self-education about ADHD. ADHD treatment should always include several modes of treatment, but the very first form of treatment should always be education on ADHD for adult and their families.


Once you have read these documents please don’t stop there. Our web site includes a wealth of information geared to parents on coping strategies, parenting tips, ADHD and learning and school advocacy and resources. You can also access past filmed conference presentations on our YouTube account, access past webinars, link to our Facebook page, read our online blog and find information on current education sessions such as webinars, workshops and our annual conference.


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Letter to Adults – A letter from CADDAC introducing ourselves and letting you know how we can help you and your family deal with the challenges caused by ADHD. READ MORE

ADHD Facts /Dispelling the Myths – A brief list of information on ADHD, the prevalence of ADHD, medical facts on ADHD, and consequences of not treating ADHD READ MORE

Understanding Adult ADHD – What causes ADHD, ADHD symptoms, adult incident rates, diagnostic criteria and gender differences READ MORE

Assessment and Diagnosis – The assessment process, what is involved in a thorough assessment for adult ADHD, who can diagnose adult ADHD, the difficulties in accessing an adult assessment in Canada READ MORE

Adult ADHD Symptoms – list of potential ADHD adult symptoms broken into categories under, problems with attention regulation, hyperactivity, impulsivity, executive functioning, emotional regulation and additional red flags READ MORE

Treatment of Adult ADHD –Includes information on multimodal treatment options for adults including; education; exercise; therapies including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and relationship therapy, coaching; mindfulness and medication. Links to articles on each are included as well as information on the challenges in accessing these treatments READ MORE