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CADDAC Media Releases

October 7, 2021

Women with ADHD: at great risk for mental and physical health disorders


 September 28, 2021

Girls and Women with ADHD: our missed, forgotten and, most vulnerable


May 5, 2021

Discriminatory Policy Implemented by The TDSB Will Do More Harm Than Good

Media Release

April 22, 2021

Canadian ADHD Organizations Call on Provinces to prioritize individuals with ADHD in COVID-19 vaccination rollout

Media Release

June 10, 2019

ADHD: A Significant Health Risk Media Release

Key Messages

October 2, 2017

Inequitable Access to Education for Canadian Students with ADHD  Media Release

May 2, 2017

New BC PharmaCare Coverage Discriminatory to Adults with ADHD Media Release

October 4, 2016

The Impact of ADHD on Canadian Justice and Correction Systems  Media Release

Les répercussions du TDAH sur les systèmes judiciaire et correctionnel canadiens Media Release French

ADHD in the Criminal Justice System PowerPoint of key messages Key Messages

CADDAC Policy Paper – ADHD and the Justice System: The Benefits of Recognizing and Treating ADHD in Canadian Justice and Correction Systems Read More

December 8, 2015

Doctors challenge B.C. government to take action on ADHD Media Release

September 30, 2015

Lack of Standards in Accessing Accommodations Results in Discrimination Media Release

(The Plight of Some Post-Secondary Students With a Common Mental Health Disorder).

L’absence de normes pour l’accès à des accommodements est discriminatoire Release cle

 (Le sort de certains étudiants en milieu d’études postsecondaires atteints d’un trouble commun de la santé mentale).

Understanding ADHD in the Post-Secondary Environment – Key Messages

Comprendre le TDAH comme handicap en milieu d’études postsecondaires – French Key Messages

CADDAC Policy Paper – Understanding ADHD as a Disability in the Post-Secondary Environment Read More

October 1, 2014

NOT JUST FOR KIDS! ADHD AFFECTS FOUR PER CENT OF ALL ADULTS -ADHD Awareness Month places a spotlight on adults and their challenges in the workplace Media Release

LE TDAH NE TOUCHE PAS LES ENFANTS SEULEMENT : QUATRE POUR CENT DE TOUS LES ADULTES EN SONT ATTEINTS AUSSI – Le Mois de sensibilisation au TDAH place les adultes et leurs enjeux en milieu de travail sous les feux de la rampe Media Release

PSAs by Rick Green–hI

October 2013

NEW PAPER HIGHLIGHTS IMPACT OF ADHD ON CANADIAN ECONOMYAwareness Week is October 14th to 20th and CADDAC is asking all Canadians to Get Real, Get Informed and Recognize the COST of ADHD Media Release

Audio News Release

October 2012


From October 14 to 21: Learn, Understand and Inspire Media Release