The First Week of ADHD Awareness Month

CADDAC National Director

For further details go to the CADDAC web site and access ADHD Awareness Month News

Following our busy two day conference CADDAC quickly jumped into ADHD Awareness Month Activities.
On September the 30th Heidi Bernhardt was interviewed by Anna Maria Tremonti on CBC's "The Current". The interview covered CADDAC's recently published paper "Understanding ADHD as a Disability in the Post-Secondary Environment" outlining the inequity and difficulty students are having being approved for accommodations in colleges and universities. A resource developed by CADDAC to assist physicians in writing reports documenting impairments and requesting required accommodations for students with ADHD in post-secondary institutions was also discussed. Check out the episode Here!

Heidi has also been interviewed by other radio station and CHCHTV. More interview to come this week.

On October the 1st MPP Soo Wong read a member's statement launching ADHD Awareness Month in Ontario. See it on YouTube (first few minutes of this video)

For the second year in a row British Columbia has officially declared October ADHD Awareness Month. View the official proclamation Here

On October the 6th CADDAC hosted a teleconference with 13 support groups across Canada and sent the recording to another three groups who were unable to attend. Feedback from these groups was gathered through a questionnaire, collated and then presented to them, followed by an open discussion. The feedback and interaction was very encouraging. Most of the support groups were very enthusiastic about networking with each other and potentially becoming more involved with CADDAC. Many possible future endeavours were discussed such as, holding joint educational sessions and/or conferences across Canada, CADDAC training facilitators of support groups, on-going networking sessions organized by CADDAC, and increased joint ADHD advocacy. Additional resources and training that CADDAC could provide for these groups was also discussed.

Want to spread the word about ADHD, check out this really fun and quick overview of ADHD by Rick Green of TotallyADD Here

Stay tuned for ADHD Awareness Month’s second week of up-dates.

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