Tanya remembers not fitting in, feeling lonely, sad, and eventually dropping out of high school. Unfortunately this is the reality for many individuals with ADHD who were not diagnosed early in life and did not receive the help and support that they so desperately needed. Like so many women, Tanya was misdiagnosed with depression for years before she received an ADHD diagnosis. In, fact as high as 80% of adults are diagnosed with another mental health condition, before they are correctly diagnosed with ADHD. Untreated and undiagnosed ADHD can have devastating effects over the course of ones' lifetime.

Here are some statistics of individuals with untreated ADHD:

  • 32% of students with ADHD do not graduate high school 
  • Adults with ADHD are 20% less likely to be employed and earn an average of 16% less than their counterparts 
  • 1 in 4 women with ADHD attempted suicide  
  • 42.7% of individuals with substance use disorder have ADHD  

The reality is that there are not enough programs and services in Canada to help individuals with ADHD.  Right now, the Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada (CADDAC) has hundreds of individuals waiting to access programs they so desperately need. Outcomes for individuals can change if they are given the support, education, and tools necessary to reach their full potential.

Your donation can help a person with ADHD access vital programs and services and give them a place where they feel accepted and supported.  Please donate today. 

"The impact of one caring and understanding person; and then two; three; and four will create a wave for the ADHD community to feel there is a place that they are accepted, understood, and supported." You can be the individual that changes the trajectory of a person’s life. Given the right tools and support, their is no limit to what a person with ADHD can achieve.

Individuals with ADHD need programs and services to help them understand their ADHD, feel supported and have a place to turn. You can help change someone’s life by making a donation to create programs and services for individuals with ADHD. 

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