Supports made all the difference for my son.

Barb Easter

"My son was finally diagnosed with combined-type ADHD and learning disabilities when he was 7. He was assessed to be reading at an early kindergarten level when he was halfway through grade 2. With his diagnosis, medications, therapies and supports he is now caught up to grade-level at the end of grade 3.

In kindergarten and grade 1, my sweet boy was criticized and punished for being too disruptive. He was often isolated from his classmates and kept inside at recess. It was heartbreaking for both of us. Children with ADHD can be successful, but they need help to get there. My child never wanted to be bad or uncooperative… but he didn’t have the supports he needed to meet his needs.

His grade 2 teacher helped him get set up for support in the classroom and she helped me with her kindness by telling me he was working so hard to try and overcome his challenges in a setting that wasn’t designed for him. It is sad to know that many children probably struggle through school unnecessarily, because they don’t get the help they need. ADHD isn’t about being a bad child or a bad parent, it’s about accessing the right support and understanding for a growing brain that works differently!"

- Ouradhdlife, New Brunswick

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