Seven Different Schools

Wendy Communications Coordinator

ADHD has had a major impact on the lives of everyone in our family for the past 16 years. Our son
exhibited symptoms of severe ADHD from a very early age, so we focused on reinforcing positive
behaviour and mindset. However, then he entered the school system. From Grade 1 to Grade 8 our son
was shuttled around the school system in SEVEN different schools, as there was no appropriate program
or supports in place to help him to succeed. Our son, who was once a bright, happy, friendly child, has
given up now as a result of the school system’s complete inability to provide him with a learning
environment that would meet his needs and the seemingly insurmountable educational and social
results of that failure. On top of his educational challenges, because he was moved around so much, he
was unable to form lasting attachments and make good friends. He’s now convinced that nothing will
work, nothing will help, he’s not going anywhere and therefore there’s no point in continuing to
try. Now, on top of the ADHD, we have a child who is anxious and depressed and who has completely
withdrawn from family and friends. We are faced every day with a boy who is justifiably angry at the
world and who acts out that anger in ways that are destructive to property, to other people and to
himself. No matter how we try to help him, our son is resistant to any sort of intervention, and we are
very worried about what the future holds for him. Had our son had access to early and effective medical
care and educational resources, I’m convinced that our lives would be very different today

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