Scholarships and Bursaries for Post-Secondary

Financial Aid

Disability Tax Credit

The Federal Government allows a Disability Tax Credit for those individuals and their dependents, who have a severe mental or physical development that causes marked restrictions in the area of sight, hearing, mobility, speech, memory, thought and perception, all or almost all of the time in any of the basic activities of daily living and the impairment is prolonged – has lasted or is expected to last for a continuous period of at least twelve months.

Medical Expenses

In addition to the standard medical expenses such as prescription drugs and a variety of assistive devices, in 1999 the Federal government recognized that individuals with learning disabilities may have a need for supplementary educational service.

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Project GOLD – Generating Opportunities for Learning Disabilities

Project GOLD is a free program that assists adults with learning disabilities or ADHD to better understand their learning disabilities in order to achieve and retain meaningful employment. The program includes a return to work action plan, employment-related workshops, job search support, and job coaching.