Online ADHD Resources

CADDAC has gathered this list of sites for your information. We believe these sites offer legitimate ADHD information, but at no time do we guarantee this. Please note that there are many web sites online that disguise themselves to look like legitimate sites offering ADHD information, or a way to diagnose or treat ADHD that is not backed by medical research. Beware of sites that are trying to sell you something, a product, a treatment, a service that claims to cure or treat ADHD along with a multitude of other disorders. Beware of quick fixes or sites that question the existence of ADHD or that it is a true medical disorder.

Unfortunately there are a great many entrepreneurs making a great deal of money on alternative treatments that have no basis in scientific research. Many of these treatments are very expensive and have no scientific proof that they actually work.

When reviewing any treatment for ADHD ask these questions. Is this person or web site trying to sell me a product? Does this treatment have numerous, large scale, double blind, peer reviewed, studies to back up any claims that are being made? In other words: has the study been duplicated many times with the same results; was the method designed to eliminate a placebo effect; did the  study occur with a large number of children or adults, hundreds; has it been reviewed by ADHD experts and have the results been published in a recognized medical journal?

If you would like to try an alternative treatment for your child, do all the research that you can on possible side effects but in addition always speak with your doctor to confirm that there are no contraindications with any treatment your child may be currently taking.

Never substitute information on a website for solid medical or legal advice.

If you have questions about the validity of something you read online, speak with your ADHD medical professional or contact us via e-mail or phone.


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