Dear Doctors and Medical Professionals,

The Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada, (CADDAC), is a national not-for-profit organization that provides education and support for those living with ADHD. As parents of children with ADHD, adults with ADHD and professionals who work in the field of ADHD, we can relate to the emotional roller coaster a diagnosis of ADHD often causes. We understand the challenges in obtaining an assessment and the additional costs in accessing multimodal treatment options. We recognize the difficulty in finding scientifically-based, up-to- date information on ADHD when an overabundance of misinformation and continued stigma surround the disorder. In recognition of these problems, CADDAC dedicates much of its time to educating caregivers, adolescents and adults with ADHD, building ADHD awareness and advocating to government decision makers.


We strive to lighten the load for families across Canada by offering easily accessible sources of information and support through our website, webinars, e-mail and phone calls. We spend time speaking with parents and adults with ADHD, who are concerned and confused about treatment options and how to advocate for their rights and their child’s rights. CADDAC believes that offering information and support to parents and adults as early as possible is the first step to helping them understand this condition and start them on the path towards successfully dealing with ADHD.       


CADDAC’s web site contains links to over 40 hours of filmed presentations from our past conferences geared to parents, adults with ADHD, their spouses and educators, featuring world renowned experts in the field of ADHD. These presentations are wonderful education tools that are free to download and watch. The site also assists families find medical resources, learn how to advocate for school and workplace accommodations, and offers information on ADHD support groups and other resources across the country.


We recommend that you have your parents, adults and adolescents access the appropriate “Getting Started” section of the web site. This resource will provide them with special documents to get them started on their journey of self-education about ADHD.

Please print off the appropriate flyer below which will provide them with our website information.

Child and Adolescent (Parents and Caregivers)

Adults and their Families

Adolescent/Post-Secondary Students

If you have patients who are entering a post-secondary institution please access our Post-Secondary Toolkit which will provide you with information on how to develop a report requesting appropriate educational accommodations for your patients that meet the requirements of post-secondary institutions.

Please help us help those impacted by ADHD by supplying your patients and their caregivers with the above CADDAC flyers or brochure on ADHD. If you would like CADDAC to send you some of our child and adolescent or adult brochures please contact our office, 416-637-8584.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of your patients and their families.

Heidi Bernhardt
President and Executive Director, CADDAC

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