Juanita Beaudry

Purpose of Research
The Strength in ADHD research project is a new study based out of the Educational Studies in Psychology area of the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Education. The goal of our study is to identify several areas in which children with ADHD thrive and the things that support them in reaching success. This knowledge can help us in understanding the factors that can promote success and well-being and how we can better support and empower children with ADHD.

Who Can Participate? We are currently looking for families who are interested in participating in our research. Our research is focused on children aged 8-11 years of age who have been diagnosed with ADHD by a psychologist or family doctor, as well as children who do not have any attentional concerns.

What is Involved? Participation in the Strengths in ADHD study involves two visits (approximately 2-3 hours each) to the University of Calgary (evenings or weekends). Parents and children are asked to complete a number of tasks and questionnaires designed to gain a greater understanding of children and their strengths and resources. In recognition of participation, families will receive a family-friendly gift certificate and children may choose a special toy. More information on our study can be found on our website:

Location of Study Please note that you must live in or around the Calgary area in order to participate in this research at this time as it is being conducted by the University of Calgary.

How Can I Join This Study? Call 403-210-6726 or visit our website at

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