Dr. Rhonda Martinussen presents on Reading Difficulties in Children with ADHD at the 2015 CADDAC Conference

CADDAC National Director

Reading comprehension has been flagged as an area of concern for many students with ADHD. The ability to understand what one is reading is essential for all areas of academic success, success in the workplace and even overall health. If you have wondered why your students or your child with ADHD demonstrates difficulty in this area you won’t want to miss our up-coming CADDAC conference.

Dr. Rhonda Martinussen, an Associate Professor of Special Education and Adaptive Instruction at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto will be addressing reading difficulties frequently seen in children with ADHD. She has direct experience teaching children with ADHD and reading disorder and is the coordinator of one of the two graduate teacher education programs at OISE. In addition she conducts research examining the relations between behavioural inattention symptoms and reading achievement in children and adolescents and has recently completed a study examining listening and reading comprehension skills in youth with and without ADHD.

During Rhonda’s CADDAC conference presentation entitled the Update on Reading Comprehension Research in Children and Youth with ADHD: Implications for Classroom Instruction and Assessment, the role of background knowledge, cognitive processes such as executive functions, and language proficiency (e.g., vocabulary knowledge) will be highlighted. She will also discuss research that examines how to enhance reading comprehension in children and youth struggling in this area. Practical tips and useful online resources will be shared.

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