Recent Meeting with Minister Fleming BC Education

CADDAC National Director

On December the 4th 2017 CADDAC met with Minister Fleming and his staff to discuss ADHD in BC schools, our recent policy paper, and rumours that the highly anticipated new BC Special Education guidelines, placing ADHD in a standalone category, would not be released.

Here is a summary of what the Minister and his staff shared with CADDAC.

The guidelines in special education have been delayed due the change in government and a full review going forward in K to 12 funding.  CADDAC was assured many times that changes to the new Special Education Guidelines, incorporating the changes in DSM 5 resulting in the inclusion of ADHD as a standalone category, are not being considered for removable. They are not looking at preventing this due to the restoration of old language of class composition in the teachers’ contract.  There has been no conversation on their part regarding limiting designations of special needs students. They have been focusing on hiring more educators to meet these students’ needs.

During the process of reviewing funding they will be reaching out to stakeholder groups after they complete their financial consultation. They will be informing CADDAC on a timeline for submissions.

Deputy Minister Laura Sampson will be staying in touch to up-date CADDAC on these issues.

The Ministry is aware that their web site information on ADHD for educators is out-dated. They are in the process of developing up-dated information.

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