ADHD Webinar: What's Cooking?

How to Organize Your Food From Dawn to Dusk

Deciding what to prepare for dinner, assuming you have the ingredients on hand in the first place, requires tapping into those planning skills that are not always optimal when you have ADHD.

This webinar was recorded live for CADDAC in March 2022 with Coach Nathalie Pedicelli presenting.

Join presenter Nathalie Pedicelli of OrganizeThriveMonetize as she walks through how to organize food in an ADHD-friendly fashion.

Planning menus, shopping, and also cooking for one or more people is a significant challenge to those with ADHD.

Instantly access CADDAC's What's Cooking? webinar replay and download the slide presentation!

Webinar Content:

  • Effects on health
  • Effects on the home
  • Organizing basics
  • Organization strategies
  • Meal planning structures, hacks, and strategies

About CADDAC's Presenter

Nathalie Pedicelli is a bilingual ADHD Organizer Coach, who uses her 25 years of experience organizing people, places, and events in large, small and microbusinesses while helping people tame their chaos at home and at the office. Diagnosed with ADHD at age 44, she uses a holistic approach to organizing adult ADHD lives from A…DHD to Z. Helping clients with ADHD increase their productivity by learning how to use a planner effectively has become her signature work.

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