REFOCUS: Reinforcing Executive Functioning with Optimism, Compassion, Understanding, and Support

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Does your child have difficulty focusing? Does your child have difficulty following directions? Does your child have difficulty handling strong emotions? If you said” yes” to one or more of these questions, your child might be having difficulties with executive function. Executive function can impact working memory, flexible thinking and self-control. And, it can affect all aspects of life at school and at home

In this 10-week interactive course, parents and caregivers will learn about executive function, how executive function affects children and teens, and, they will learn tools and strategies to help their children increase these skills.

Through a combination of psychoeducation, self-reflection, role-play, real-life practice and experimentation, participants will gain insight and skills to help their young people be more successful. In between sessions, participants will have an opportunity to practice applying the strategies in their own lives. 

Topics include:
Inhibition, Emotional Regulation, Motivation, Attention, Shifting, Working Memory, Planning, Organization, and self-monitoring

Our Spring 2024 Course is now full.
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About the Program Facilitator

Dr. Megan Smith

Dr. Megan Smith is the creator of the REFOCUS program. She is a school and clinical child psychologist in Toronto, who specializes in Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and related conditions. She has extensive experience providing training and workshops to health and education professionals, as well as community and government organizations across Canada. In addition to the REFOCUS program, Dr. Smith also developed a training program for educators, “ADHD in the Classroom: Supporting Student Success,” for the Geneva Centre for Autism. This program is offered on their Sonderly platform, which is an educational and training platform for professionals seeking to learn more about autism and mental health. Dr. Smith also serves on the Advocacy Committee of the Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada (CADDAC) and is a committed advocate for children, youth, and families impacted by ADHD. Dr. Smith is a proud member of the ADHD community and parent to two incredible children with ADHD.

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