Webinar: How to Declutter When You Have ADHD



Have you made a New Year’s resolution to finally organize your home space in 2021?  Perhaps, you tried in previous years to get organized, but every attempt failed, and you ended up feeling overwhelmed.  Maybe, it was because you were not using an ADHD-friendly style of decluttering.

On average people spend 153 days (that’s 6 months) of their lives looking for misplaced items, of which 75% are misplaced at home.  As a result, 43% of people feel stressed due their disorganization.  These numbers of time spent looking for items is amplified when ADHD is at play.

The physical state of your home is often a representation of how you feel in your head.  This mental clutter can lead to anxiety or depression and can define your overall sense of well being.

Studies have shown that clutter negatively affects your perception of your home and your ability to have pleasure while in that space.  This effect spills out beyond the home leading to lower overall satisfaction with life in general.

A big problem for people with ADHD when it comes to letting go of their items has to do with decision making and potential use.  They keep differing the decision of what to do with specific possessions, so the piles keep growing. Some hang on to things because they hope to convert it into something else or use it later for a hobby they hope to start.  Cleaning becomes more difficult.

Items become more easily misplaced due to distraction and poor memory, often making them late for work simply because they cannot find their keys or their cellphone.  Arguments with the spouse become more frequent as the mess builds up.  Overwhelm sets in and inaction becomes the norm.

This session is designed to help you:

1 – Recognize the core reasons that contribute to clutter build-up when ADHD is present and how this becomes an issue in daily life.

2 – Utilize an ADHD-friendly method to improve your ability to let go of items.

3 – Apply strategies that help with your overall ability to maintain an organized home or office.


Nathalie Pedicelli, Organize.Thrive.Monetize.

Nathalie Pedicelli is a dynamic Professional Organizer and ADHD Coach who uses her 25 years of experience organizing people, places and events in large, small and microbusinesses while helping people tame their chaos at home and at the office.  She is also a speaker whose talks focus on how organization and coaching help people with ADHD live less stressful and more productive lives. 

Diagnosed with ADHD at age 44, she encourages her clients to adapt their environment to the ADHD way of thinking and doing things.  She uses a holistic approach and puts systems and structures in place that allow her clients to live with greater freedom and less anxiety.  In 2020, Nathalie become the first trained ADHD Organizer Coach in Canada.

When Nathalie is not busy organizing something, she can be spotted outdoors in her garden or camping and indoors, she might be learning the flags of the world while indulging in a sci-fi or fantasy movie. 

CADDAC would like to thank the Zorzi Family, Janssen Inc., and Takeda Canada for generously supporting this event.

The information provided during this educational workshop is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or care. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have heard during this workshop. By accessing or attending this workshop, you are indicating your acceptance to be bound by the terms and conditions of the user agreement as stated in full.

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