Females, Hormones and ADHD - Webinar

This webinar will discuss how ADHD presents in females along with common comorbidities. It will review the literature on hormones and ADHD throughout the lifespan and consider treatment strategies in ADHD during pregnancy and postpartum, as well as discuss the hormonal impact of menopause on cognition

Dr. Sara Binder Biography

Dr. Sara Binder is a consulting psychiatrist at the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary. She treats adult outpatients who struggle with mood, anxiety, ADHD and substance use disorders.  As part of her practice she teaches and supervises psychiatry residents and multidisciplinary students training in mental health.  She treats many health care professionals within her practice.

Dr. Binder created an Adult ADHD stream within her clinic which has become one of the only publicly funded adult ADHD clinics based in a hospital setting in Canada.

Dr. Binder works with a team of skilled therapists within a collaborative model of mental health care. She developed and runs an ADHD medication group and an 8 week CBT based ADHD Skills group.

Dr Binder is the Vice Chair of CADDRA and the co-chair of the Education Committee. She is passionate about ADHD – both the clinical aspects but also in educating other healthcare professionals in managing ADHD in adults.

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