ADHD Webinar: Disability – Right to Claim

"Can I claim the Canada Revenue Agency's Disability Tax Credit and other supports when I have ADHD?"

Understanding key elements of the process is important to filing successfully. Watch the webinar replay now!

This webinar was recorded live for CADDAC on November 3, 2022 with accountant, author and entrepreneur Stefanie Ricchio, CPA presenting.

Join presenter Stefanie Ricchio, CPA, CGA as she discusses how to apply for the CRA Disability Tax Credit.

A neuropsychological evaluation can provide the information required to evaluate for the CRA's DTC.

Instantly access CADDAC's Disability – Right to Claim webinar replay and download the slide presentation!

Webinar Content:

  • Disability definitions per the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Disability Tax Credit (T2201)
  • Other eligible credits
  • Medical expenses versus DTC
  • Tools and Resources

About CADDAC's Presenter

Stefanie Ricchio, CPA, CGA is a published author, professor, and entrepreneur focused on
providing business consulting that supports the modernization of accounting for businesses through the implementation of tools, resources and training programs to support change management and increasing efficiency.

Stefanie is an advocate for education from elementary through post-secondary, working on initiatives to elevate the learning experience and to advocate for the needs of all students.

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