Possible Additional Sentences

Wendy Communications Coordinator

As one of your constituents I am asking that my provincial (federal) government form a working committee to address the socioeconomic consequences of not supporting those with ADHD.

As one of your constituents I would like you to be aware of the lack of resources for adult ADHD resulting in the continued under diagnosis of ADHD in Canada and inadequate treatment.

As your constituents our family is greatly concerned that our Ontario (BC or Quebec) Ministry of Education and school boards continue to refuse to officially recognize ADHD as the significant risk to learning that research has shown it to be. This has resulted in a lack of training for educators on ADHD and insufficient resources for these students.

As my MPP (or MLA) or (the Minister of Health) I would like to make you aware of the lack of resources adults with ADHD struggle with in our province.

As my MPP (or MLA) or the (Minister of Education) I would like to share with you our great concerns about the lack of ADHD training of educators in our province.

As a concerned parent of a child (or adolescent) with ADHD (or an adult with ADHD) the lack of resources to treat ADHD are of great concern to me. As someone in a position to make a difference I am asking that you become informed about these issues.

The lack of understanding of ADHD as a disability (in the workplace) or (in the justice system) or (in the healthcare system) has greatly impacted (me) or (our family).

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