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Webinars & Abstracts

Here is a list of all the episodes in the premium webinars package. For a detailed overview of all the episodes please refer to the premium webinar abstracts PDF at the bottom of the list.

  • Differentiating Between ADHD and Anxiety by Dr. Julie Desjardins
  • Self-Regulation and ADHD by Dr. Megan Smith
  • How ADHD Affects Motivation by Dr. Thomas Brown
  • Psycho-educational Reports, what they tell us about students with ADHD by Heidi Bernhardt
  • Planning for a Successful Transition: High School to Post Secondary by Dr. Joan Flood
  • Emotional Dysregulation and the use of the ABC Chart by Heidi Bernhardt
  • Executive function and ADHD by Heidi Bernhardt
Premium Webinar Abstracts

To learn more about the individual sessions, please access the abstract document

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