Opening Sentences

Wendy Communications Coordinator

The message on this video speaks to me because I also have ADHD.

As my elected official I would like you to be aware of the information shared in this media release.

The message on the video that I am sharing with you speaks to our family because ADHD has affected several of our family members.

I am sending you this media release to inform you about ADHD which is of great interest to my family.

I am sending you these videos to inform you about ADHD and the experiences of students with ADHD in our school system.

I am sharing this ADHD Awareness video with you because as a constituent I would like my representative to be aware of the consequences that ADHD can have on individuals when left untreated.

As one of your constituents and an adult with ADHD I am sending you this ADHD Awareness video as a means of informing you about ADHD.

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