Ontario Excludes Some Students From Additional Special Education Funding

The Toronto Star was sent this letter by CADDAC in response to the Liberal party’s promise for increased funding for special education resources.

Additional funding for special education is welcome and needed, but Ontario parents of students with ADHD are questioning how this additional funding will benefit their children. If change does not occur, this new funding will mean next to nothing for these students. The Ontario Ministry of Education and many school boards in Ontario refuse to recognize students with ADHD as students who qualify for special education resources. Despite the fact that an abundance of research exists, demonstrating ADHD’s risk to learning when students are not supported, few educators are receiving training on ADHD and others are barred from offering support. ADHD is the most prevalent neurodevelopmental disorder seen in schools. The exclusion of ADHD in Ontario special education categories, when other similar disorders are included, smacks of discrimination.

Heidi Bernhardt

President, Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada

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