My Ever Faithful ADHD Attribute

Wendy Communications Coordinator

My ADHD started before I was born. I came into this world with (I assume) the ADHD genetics plus a parent who was already reeling from the condition, and became the primary caregiver. So before I can reliably recall there were minor issues of rambunctiousness and then there was school. No wonder I hated it; things came at me at an alarming rate. Part of the problem, I think, was an inability to separate the flood of extraneous matter that the other kids did?  I felt stupid from the get-go and my poor father who was feeling alienated by this time taught me antisocial... myths/truths?

By the time I was in Junior high I'd had it with school and was very weary of society. Now at 67 I've become more or less aware of my condition for the last 25 years, realizing more and more every day how difficult a journey it has been.

In spite of my problems, I managed to survive many day-to-day challenges and even excel at many, while hanging on to my creativity. A highlight of my journey includes inventing/patenting a successful, marketable product and obtain a pilots license --in spite of being acrophobic.

I now live alone, tolerating absolute clutter, enjoying my k9 companions and my positive, ever faithful ADHD attribute; creativity

Elgin, NB

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